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The world is dynamic, and we believe the rapid changes in the global supply chain create opportunities within the real estate sector. Strong demographic tailwinds and continued e-commerce adaption are driving unprecedented demand that we aim to capture through our various logistics investment programs.



Vertical Cold Storage ("VCS") was founded in 2020 by industry veterans who take pride in the commitment to a higher standard of service. VCS builds and operates state-of-the art cold storage facilities powered by the industry’s latest technology and automation.


Industrial outdoor storage (“IOS”) is an important part of the industrial supply chain. It supports e-commerce, infrastructure, construction and logistics businesses by providing storage for all types of equipment, vehicles, building materials, and containers these companies need. At Platform Ventures, we find the imbalance between the supply and demand dynamics attractive, as well as the fragmented ownership within the marketplace. 


We selectively invest in warehouse and distribution centers that are key strategic parts of the supply chain for products, order fulfillment, and storing produced goods. We seek properties that are supported by strong local and regional distribution infrastructure in markets where we see outsized growth potential.

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