An entrepreneurial approach to real estate investing

At our core, Platform Ventures believes that there are always new opportunities in real estate.

Whether investing in real estate assets or operating companies, our team knows how to uncover value and deliver returns. For the past ten years, we’ve navigated challenging economic times and capitalized where we recognized good opportunities.

Our spirit of taking calculated risks and being diligent, yet moving quickly, has proved to be a successful formula at Platform Ventures.

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Since 2008, Platform has grown by investing nationwide

Born and raised in Kansas City, co-founders, partners, and brothers, Ryan & Terry Anderson, started investing in real estate with a loan in college and have since led Platform Ventures to become a growing real estate investment firm with over $1.4B assets under management.1

The growing team members surrounding them have varied backgrounds and expertise in real estate investments, technology, investor relations, tax strategies, and more.

technology platforms



RealtyClub opens the door to registered investment advisors and their clients to invest in Platform-approved offerings. The system streamlines the investment process and integrates with back-end systems for transparent portfolio reporting. The platform also offers RIAs insights on real estate tax strategies and one-on-one advisory services.



1031Platform is an online platform designed to make the 1031 exchange process easier for investors by providing tools and services to help customize their 1031 exchange.