November 1, 2019

Roundtable: Technology and investing

Platform Ventures Senior Vice President, Kerry Scanlon, recently joined a roundtable discussion for Real Assets Advisors:

“Real estate, at its core, is a local business. Often the best real estate investments are locally sourced and operated. While these local real estate investment managers may not be the “name brands” you see on Wall Street, oftentimes they have track records and niches that can be quite appealing to individual investors, especially at this point in the economic cycle where value is more difficult to find. Technology is beginning to bring these investments into the mainstream. Technology provides more access to these regional and local “sharpshooters” and gives investors more options within a previously restricted asset class. Further, technology offers investors the ability to gather extensive information, allowing for thorough due diligence and simplified investment processes. To adapt to this enhanced access and transparency, financial advisers can review clients’ existing investment portfolio allocations and adjust where needed in a much more efficient and low-cost way.”

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