Platform Ventures leverages its knowledge and experience of the commercial real estate space to invest in tools that add value to operators and investors of commercial real estate. Our goal is to decrease transaction costs, increase transparency and efficiency, and provide incrementally higher returns.

RealtyClub by Platform Ventures

Realtyclub is the online platform available to wealth advisors and their accredited investor clients that allows them to access, research and invest into real estate investments. The platform was created to simplify the investment process and enhance the transparency of accessing what we view as high-quality real estate.


TermSheet is a real estate transaction platform that brings brokers, sponsors and managers together in order to find new investment properties, underwrite in our online financial model, manage a deal pipeline and transact all in one place.


1031Platform is a online platform for managing and facilitating 1031 Exchanges and DSTs.

Spring Storage

Spring Storage is a on On Demand Storage company where you can rent, buy or store high quality, eco-friendly plastic boxes and store them alongside outher bulk-items. We pickup and deliver to you.

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