Operator-Oriented Investment Platform

Vertically Integrated Across Logistics,
Housing, & Real Estate Credit

Investment Approach

We maintain a flexible opportunistic mandate to invest selectively across necessity-based sector-focused asset classes and markets in equity and debt transactions

We have a flexible mandate to invest selectively across the capital structure in middle-market real estate equity or debt transactions through direct acquisitions, recapitalizations, and reorganizations.

We believe this approach provides attractive investment opportunities often overlooked relative to large auction transactions and widely followed offerings. Additionally, Platform Ventures focuses on transactions in which we maintain control and have significant influence to drive returns for our investors.

Our history of active leadership as value-added investors is enriched by the Firm’s deep network throughout the real estate industry and operating resources within our core platforms.

Platform Ventures has the ability to take advantage of market dislocations, reposition out-of-favor properties, and restore companies and properties in transition across different phases of the economic cycle while improving operations and creating value for our stakeholders.

We utilize our various investment platforms to apply our market and sector expertise, to unlock value by scaling attractive businesses, and to provide programmatic capital to select partners in an otherwise inefficient joint venture capital market with the goal of meeting our investors’ specific risk and return expectations.



Our experience in housing dates back to the firm’s founding, over 15 years ago. Our network to source attractive investments is extensive and well-established.



The world is dynamic, and we believe rapid changes in the global supply chain create supply/demand opportunities within this real estate sector.


Real Estate Credit

Real estate credit has been at the forefront of the firm's investment strategy since its inception. Platform Ventures has invested in over $3 billion in real estate loan originations, note purchases, and structured financings.


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